Mis-Sold PCP Car Finance

Could you have been mis-sold PCP car finance? With a no win no fee policy and cases already with the solicitors prior to the FCA’s report due out any day now?!?!..

From the response we have already had over the last few months we have ascertained that many people feel they have been mis-sold their PCP car finance. The responses consist of numerous reasons. It seems that the PCP arrangement can work and gets people in cars they would normally afford. However, how many people have gone to buy a vehicle and been asked, basically: “What are you looking to pay a month?” Not: “How much are you looking to spend?”

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It is our belief that the PCP finance agreement is open to be abused. We have seen seemingly unfair interest rates, mileage charges ranging from 9/10p per mile charge over the agreed limit and up to around 30p. It is thought that many cars within the second-hand car market have been clocked to avoid these charges and some with extremely questionable final payment values. This factor alone could be a major concern for the FCA, with potentially billions of pounds tied up in cars which, should the market decline, result in considerable losses to banks and other financial organizations.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Did you understand the agreement you entered?
Did you go over the agreed mileage and feel it had not been explained properly?
What was your over mileage charge?
When it came to the end of what is usually a three year agreement did you have any issues?

How can Finance Money Back help with my PCP Car Finance mis-selling claim?

Finance Money Back has a wealth of experience in pursuing compensation claims against the finance providers that provided funds for mis-sold PCP Car Finance purchases.

For a FREE, no obligation initial assessment contact us now.  Alternatively, you can email us at info@financemoneyback.com, or submit an inquiry via the form on our website, and we will contact you without delay to discuss your case.

Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ service gives our clients peace of mind.


Gather the information required to investigate your claim.
Submit a claim with the financial provider or governing body.
Fight hard to win maximum compensation in the shortest time.

How Long Will My Claim Take?

Cases can take 4-18 months to conclude depending on the time taken to gather the evidence and whether or not the finance provider admits liability when it comes to mis-sold PCP Car Finance.

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