Mis-Sold Timeshare Claims

What should I do if I think I have been mis-sold my Timeshare?

Purchasing a Timeshare should be an exciting time in your life. Spending your well-deserved holidays in your shared home abroad is a dreamy prospect. Finance Money Back has however found that many of our clients who have invested in a Timeshare have been left facing a nightmare of expensive agreements that they can’t afford.

Thousands of people have been left devastated because of mis-sold Timeshares and the promise of receiving a significant return on their timeshare investment that has never materialized. What was supposed to be a nest-egg for the future has left the buyer in serious financial difficulty, often lumbered with lengthy and costly finance agreements and high annual maintenance costs.

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How can I check if I have been mis-sold my Timeshare?

You may have grounds for a claim if you are concerned about your timeshare agreement because:

  • You were promised the timeshare property would increase in value over time
  • You have tried to exit the agreement but were told you need to enter a new timeshare agreement to do this
  • You were told that the value of the timeshare would increase leading to significant financial profit
  • You paid for the timeshare, or paid a deposit for the timeshare, using a method of finance (finance agreement or credit card)
  • The transaction you wish to dispute was made within the last 6 years
  • The timeshare purchase you made was misrepresented or mis-sold to you
  • You paid a third party company to carry out a further service using a form of credit and they have not carried out the services promised

How can I get out of my Timeshare maintenance contract?

We may also be able to assist you in canceling your on-going maintenance contract if you wish to terminate your ownership because:

  • You are struggling to meet your maintenance costs
  • Your circumstances have changed and you can no longer use your timeshare
  • You are locked in a contract with a perpetuity clause (ownership will pass to your next of kin)

How can Finance Money Back help with my Timeshare mis-selling claim?

Finance Money Back has a wealth of experience in pursuing compensation claims against the finance providers that provided funds for mis-sold timeshare purchases.

For a FREE, no obligation initial assessment contact us now.  Alternatively, you can email us at info@financemoneyback.com, or submit an inquiry via the form on our website, and we will contact you without delay to discuss your case.

Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ service gives our clients peace of mind.


Gather the information required to investigate your claim.
Submit a claim with the financial provider or governing body.
Fight hard to win maximum compensation in the shortest time.

How Long Will My Claim Take?

Cases can take 4-18 months to conclude depending on the time taken to gather the evidence and whether or not the finance provider admits liability when it comes to mis-sold timeshares.

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